SW Summer Stableford
Sunday 4 December 2016
Anglesea Golf Club

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Lonsdale Marg Pitcher 1st   38
Anglesea Ros Holland 2nd cb 37
Anglesea Ann  Stokes 3rd cb   37
Colac Georgia Fish     35
Lonsdale Sally Collier     35
Anglesea Jan Stewart     34
Anglesea Barb Hinton     34
Anglesea Margot Parton     33
Anglesea Liz McConchie     33
Anglesea Vida Brenner     32
Anglesea Jenny Inman     31
C / Springs Sue Horne     31
Torquay Marilyn  Young     30
Anglesea Heather  Jillard     29
Anglesea Dinah Kosky     28
Anglesea Ruth Trevaskis     28
Queens Park Jenny Naughtin     28
Anglesea Robyn  Schepers     27
Anglesea Margot Smith      27
Winchelsea Robyn  Vesey     27
Queens Park Caroline Dickins     27
Anglesea Sue Bowler      26
Anglesea Maralyn Cross     26
Lonsdale Bev Wheeler     26
Queens Park Ros Brooks     25
C / Springs Kate  Woodward     25
Anglesea Helen Stewart     25
Queens Park Kristin Stacey     24
Lonsdale Carolyn Maas     24
Anglesea Sandy Favre     23
Queens Park Carole Doran     19
Nearest to the pin 13th Barb Hinton, Anglesea
Nearest to the pin 16th Bev Wheeler, Lonsdale

Marg Pitcher

Ros Holland

Ann Stokes

Barb Hinton  Bev Wheeler


So that’s the years events done; all over finished, there aint no more.

And what a way to go out, beautiful day with a light zephyr blowing over the beautiful Anglesea course, although the forecast was a little worrying, we need not have been concerned. While it did get a bit sticky towards the middle of the day, all agreed it was a great day to play golf amongst friends.

A big thank you to Marg DeVries, women’s captain Anglesea for all her wonderful help during many phone calls and emails, and while we are at it, every event we have held at the various courses have been so successful because our captains are so obliging and helpful. On behalf of all the Tournament Secretaries over this year, I thank you all.

Now to the day…….. an early start for Sally Ludlow and I; living at Indented, I needed to be up early and somehow toast at 5.45am just doesn’t feel right, but once I picked up Sal at Ceres, we were on our way to greet the players and send them on their way.

Sally Ludlow, Tournament Sec for this event did the great ground work, and I tagged along for the ride, but together we made a good team.

I will miss Sal as this was her swansong. Sal is now devoting time to her home club and taking a bigger role there.

 As the players returned to the clubhouse for a welcome drink and lunch, watching the scores being listed on the sheet, every time we thought we had a winner, in another would come pipping the last leader. Then, as does so often happen, yes…..the last card took the trophy as winner of the Sunday Summer Stableford for 2016.

With the great score of 38 points, winner Margaret (I’m playing shocking golf) Pitcher claimed the spoils of victory, and well done Marg.

Runner up and 3rd place was separated only by countback with Ros Holland getting the nod by Super Sal. Ann Stokes was the still happy third place getter with 37 points and why wouldn’t you be happy with 37 points!

So, as the storm bashes my office window I’m glad to be home writing to you on behalf of Sal and I. Thanks for being a part of SW events this year, we cannot run events if the members don’t enter and we love running these for you all.

Take care over Christmas, enjoy the break and we will see you at the Irish at Torquay in Feb. My advice is to enter soon as entries are pouring in to me.

See you next year!

Super Sal and Sue


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